Quick Reaction Force 22 is a Veteran founded and run 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charity. We are focused on educating Veterans and their families on P.T.S.D. and suicide awareness and prevention and much more.

Our name - Quick Reaction Force 22 (QRF22) - came together in two parts.

1. After the statistic released in 2012 from the VA’s Suicide Data Report that analyzed the death certificates from 21 states from 1999 to 2011 stated that on average 22 Veterans commit suicide every day.

2. In military science nomenclature, a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) is an armed military unit capable of rapidly responding to developing situations, typically to assist allied units in need of such assistance. They are to have equipment ready to respond to any type of emergency, typically within ten minutes or less but that is based on unit standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The American Veteran suicide epidemic that is plaguing our country is not only going unaided but also, by in large, unknown. Our goal is to not only bring awareness to the 22 Veteran suicides that occur daily but to do everything we can, daily to help reduce those numbers until we are at zero suicides. In order to achieve this goal, our programs are not only designed to be unique, innovative, and effective but focus directly on the issues that Veterans face daily – because we have faced them ourselves. We aim to assist all American Veterans with the issues they face- this may be transition assistance from active duty to Veteran, life skills, professional services, and or other avenues of assistance. All our involvements are designed to encourage and reinforce the betterment of our veterans - Quick Reaction Force is focused on doing everything possible to be there for our American Veterans.

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